5 Reasons to Take Advantage of Social Media

1. Reputation Management 
Often when problems occur word of mouth may travel faster than the issue is resolved.  Social media tools allow a platform for a conversation between your business and customer.   Not only will you be able to keep an eye on what people say but also fix any problems, if need be.
2. Branding 

In order to create a buzz and increase your internet presence your business has to have a voice.  Social media allows for you to create a recognizable identity for your product or service.  Market your products using a virtual word of mouth.

3. Accessibility 

Not only does social media allow for your business to be more accessible to current customers it also makes it easier for new customers to find your product or service.   With a larger digital presence it will be easier to gauge what your customers like and dislike.

4. Google Search 
A few years ago Google used to only list links to their main page and they had videos but you would have to click on the search video link.  If you have typed a search into Google recently you might notice how the rank has changed.   Videos and pictures now appear on the same page as the page result.  Your product images can now rank along with your site.  More customers will be able to find you!

5. Save Money 
Social media marketing does not cost as much as traditional advertising.  If you manage it yourself it will not cost anything.  In with the old and out with the new!
Bottom Line : If you are trying to acquire more customers while also keeping a good relationship with the ones you currently have social media is a great tool.  Companies such as Zappos and Starbucks have a good social media strategy that help connect with customers and change the conversation.  What brands do you enjoy following online and what about them keeps you engaged?  Comment below and make sure to follow us on twitter!
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