April 2019


How to Keep Your Eyes Bright

One of the first things you notice about someone is his or her eyes. After all, we’re taught from a young age that it’s polite to make eye contact with people when they are talking. Furthermore, our eyes are one of the most expressive parts...


The Case Against Microneedling at Home

DIY has become an acronym that doesn’t just apply to home improvement projects. From arts and crafts, car repairs, hairstyles and color, and fixing your kids bike, DIY (or do-it-yourself) has become popular for several reasons. DIY saves you money and time. However, sometimes you...


Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is synonymous with fun. School is out. The days are long and warm. The outdoors beckon like a stranger across the room. Kids play all day long and return home exhausted. You get off work and plan a great afternoon at the lake paddle...


How Microneedling Complements Botox

While Botox remains the most popular non invasive cosmetic procedure, microneedling is gaining market share — and fast. MDPen, the maker of the best micro-needling equipment, predicts that microneedling will continue its gains in the cosmetic procedure industry. However, a new trend is emerging: using...


Microneedling for Calluses

Let’s face it, your hands take a beating most days. You use them almost 100 percent of the time that you’re awake, from turning on light switches, washing dishes, preparing food, typing at work, installing a fence in your backyard, picking up your baby, petting...


Treating Injuries to the Skin

Part of life is dealing with injuries. From the time we’re born ‘til the day we die, we’ll be accidentally running into things, cutting ourselves, and even breaking bones and other serious injuries — all of which affects our skin. Our body will naturally heal...