Month: March 2019

Why Upgrade to RF MicroNeedling?

Microneedling, a non invasive cosmetic procedure that causes small micro injuries to the skin in order to stimulate collagen production, is extremely effective at diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, skin pigmentations, and stretch marks. So why do I need to do MicroNeedling plus radiofrequency (RF microneedling)? Isn’t that just overkill for the skin? MDPen

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Clearing up MicroNeedling Misconceptions

When you hear something that is too good to be true, naturally, your inner skeptic emerges. We immediately think how nothing is free anymore, how there’s always a catch, or how someone wants something from us, so they scratch your back with the expectation you will do the same. Lately, many are saying the same

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How to Prevent Early Signs of Aging

You probably remember your first gray hair. At first, you didn’t believe it was real. You were probably in denial you even saw it. You may have covered it up only to see it in the same place the next day. Or you plucked it, only to see another one. Society wants you to believe

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Skin Care During the Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season — nicely put — is unpleasant. It’s miserable if you’re a parent. It starts a couple of weeks after school starts and goes until after spring break. If you’re lucky, you get breaks in-between. However, some years feel like it’s non-stop sniffles, sinus pain, stuffy noses, coughing, and the occasional midnight

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